Thursday, August 28, 2008

The God Empowered Wife

Yesterday was the first class of a six week series based on the book, The God Empowered Wife. The author Karen Haught, is a member of my church & she is even teaching the class. I must say that after 1 class, I'm super excited about reading the book & learning some biblical principles to put into practice.
The author has a great personal testimony about how God used many decades of her life & several divorces to finally give her insight into what His plan is for marriage. She felt so strongly about women learning these biblical truths that she wrote a book and travels around the world teaching workshops & small groups. You can learn more at her website & see if there is a class near you.
Most Christian women know that the Bible teaches that the man is the head of the household & that wives should submit to their husbands. Why I agree with that is a whole separate post, but the purpose of this bible study is to understand why most wives get it backwards in a marriage. Most women are the list-makers, task-masters, busy-bodies & multi-taskers. In my marriage, for sure that is me.
I'll spend the next few weeks reading the book & blogging my thoughts about it. Coincidentally, I've been reading some other secular books lately about the changing role of women in the workplace and marriage, how women struggle to be the perfect wife & perfect mom. I'm glad God put a small reminder back into my life of how He designed marriage. I find it fascinating that historically, cultures have taken decades and decades to slowly evolve. However, since the 1950's, there have been so many drastic changes about the role of women in motherhood, the workplace & as a wife. No wonder so many women are really struggling to be everything to their boss, their kids and their husbands.
I'm looking forward to learning how to be a better wife!


Dileep said...

a good post"I'm looking forward to learning how to be a better wife!"
if you are in india i can give you many sujjestion. very good

Andrew Barnes said...

Nice to see you blogging about good news.

I found your blog from 'Wags, Wiggles, and Giggles' Blog.

Like that blog owner, I have a vizsla as well and I am a Pastor in MS.

Keep blogging!!!